The Farm

Historical photo of the farm Black and white photo of the farm, two boys, and a horse

The farmstead was built at the turn of the 20th century. A beautiful old home with solid bones, we knew this was the place to set down roots, raise our family, and bring new life to this old farmstead. We said goodbye to life downtown and moved in.

We got right to work cleaning up the property and making it our own. We spruced up the old milk house to keep the elements out and rebuilt the little hoop house right beside it. From there we continue to work on reviving the old homestead and fixing up the property.

It was once a thriving dairy operation, where the hard work of many created a vibrant farm. Those names are etched throughout the farm: on barn-board in the old milk house, on concrete pads, in the attic, the basement, and hidden in the carpentry within the house.

Old machinery and hand tools can still be found. We do our best to honour the past; working hard to take care of the land and grow quality food.